HCG Diet Meal Plan – What You’ll Be Eating Might Surprise You

HCG Diet Meal Plan

In recent years, there have been some new and unique ways of helping overweight people to get down to a healthier size. Some of these include boot camp style fitness programs, or nutritional supplements that are designed to raise the metabolic rate or block fat from entering the bloodstream. But, if there is one method of weight loss that has really gotten a lot of attention lately, it would be the HCG diet meal plan.

HCG is a hormone that is traditionally found in the body, and is key to helping you burn the fat and move nutrition into muscle. But, the addition of HCG is not enough to help you lose weight – you also need to utilize the HCG diet meal plan in order to get the best results.

What Will You Find on the HCG Diet Meal Plan?

The first key to losing weight on this kind of a diet is to load up your body in phase 1. This occurs over just two days, but it allows you to eat a diet full of your favorite foods, including fried foods, bread and pasta, and even butter. This method of loading your body is what makes the HCG work as well as it does.

During these two days, most people really get to enjoy eating like they haven’t done in a long time, without fearing that they will gain weight. What you are actually doing is feeding your body to prepare it for the weight loss that will occur.

How Much Weight Will You Lose?

The amount of weight that you can lose on the HCG diet program will depend on a number of different factors, including your age, gender, size, and exactly how much body fat you are carrying. Women tend to carry a lot more body fat than men do, even among very overweight people, and so the potential for a great deal of weight loss is quite possible. That being said, you do need to be sensible about it.

Depending on your current size, you might find that with the right HCG diet meal plan, you can lose 10 to 20 pounds per month or even more. It is really up to how dedicated you are to sticking to the diet and how your body reacts to the changes you are putting it through.

Is This a Safe Diet for You?

One of the reasons why this is a safe diet is because you are continually eating throughout the day, and you are eating from a specific list of healthy food. A traditional HCG diet meal plan starts out with a dose of HCG in the morning along with a bowl of cereal, a few eggs, and some milk. Lunch is a high protein meal, and that means you will get to eat up to 8 ounces of protein and 2 cups of your favorite type of vegetable. Of course, since this is a diet that is predominantly low in carbohydrates, you will want to stay away from potatoes and similar starches.

You are allowed a substantial afternoon snack, which may include fruits and vegetables, low-fat popcorn which is high in fiber, or some type of protein bar that is low in calories. Your dinner includes a dose of HCG as well as an even larger amount of protein (10 ounces) and more vegetables. In addition, you will get to eat cottage cheese and as much fruit as you would like.

Check out this sample meal plan to see exactly the kinds of foods you will be eating on this diet.

How Does This Work?

The theory behind how the HCG diet meal plan works is that you shock your body through the initial phase and then through the low-calorie stage. By doing so, your body will not go into starvation mode, but rather will burn more calories than ever before. Many people find that they have more energy during the second phase of the diet than they ever did when they were eating for more calories.

Depending on the HCG product that you choose, your calorie consumption may be anywhere from 600 calories to 1000 calories per day. Of course, you should always talk to your doctor before you go on any kind of low calorie diet, even one that has been proven as safe as this.

Is This HCG Diet Meal Plan Right for You?

There is little doubt that the HCG diet meal plan can be a little difficult to get through, especially if you experience side effects during the first days. However, most people see substantial weight loss results during the first couple of weeks, and that provide them with the confidence they need to continue on with the program and maintain their weight. As long as you are dedicated to losing body fat and you are willing to make these dietary changes, this is a safe and natural diet plan that will help you reach your goals.

Where Can You Go for More Information?

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